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Life Settlement Services


What is a Life Settlement and How It Works

Life settlements take place when an insured or policyholder sells his or her existing policy to the financial agent in return for a payment. Generally, when an insured falls seriously ill and the life expectancy changes, he or she decides to sell the insurance to a financial institution for immediate cash benefit. These financial institutions buy these life insurance policies for a one-time cash payment greater than the value of the policy of the insured and in return pays the remaining premiums and gain death benefits when the insured dies.

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How life settlements can benefit your portfolio

Consider this unique alternative investment that has traditionally been available only to institutional hedge fund investment managers and the very wealthy.This strategy leverages the strength of some of the most financially sound institutions in the country that have been around for over 100 years. Institutions many of our nations largest banks have invested substantial sums. Why? Because these huge financial institutions have very a long history of financial stability and growth.


The best part of your life settlement investment is that its a non-correlated asset, meaning it is not connected to the stock market performance. It’s return is not dependent on any global condition or market volatility. It’s yield has a known return of 60%, yield to maturity. The 60% yield will be paid out on average over a period of 4-7 years resulting in an ROI of 8.5-15% per year. Would you like to learn more and find out how your portfolio could be strengthened and grown substantially by this strong and secure asset class? Contact us for more info.


Trust Us to Help You With Life Settlement Needs

At Frans Visser Financial Services, we examine to see how the inclusion of life settlements in the formation of efficient portfolios caters to the eradication of market risk in terms of other financial assets. We also examine the connection between the low correlation coefficients of the life settlements and other financial assets. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Annuities Services

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Let Us Help Plan Your Investment for Retirement

If you are trying to decide a strategy for retirement spending, annuities can be a good option. Annuities can help you convert your assets into a predictable income through long-term investments. The claims-paying ability the insurance company that issues your annuity usually backs your income. Here are some ways in which buying an annuity can be beneficial:

  • Guaranteed income after you retire

  • Helps in accumulation of potential tax-deferred earnings

  • The volatility of your retirement portfolio decreases, though variable annuities are effected by market risks

  • A good retirement investment option beyond 401(k)s and IRAs

  • They can assure you that your retirement does not let you outlive your savings

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Types of Annuities

Deferred Annuities

Beginning in the accumulation phase, this type of annuity requires the owner to pay premiums into the annuity and make a choice from the investment options available. At this time, accumulation of the earnings happen on a tax-deferred basis. The income phase can be started at a date anytime later, which mostly coincides with a retirement date. 


Deferred annuities can be classified into three types:

  • Fixed annuities - This comes with a fixed return rate for a specified amount of time. You can choose the time period to match your retirement requirements. 

  • Indexed annuities - If you choose this type of annuity, your investment growth will depend on the performance of market indices, over a range of time-horizons. If you are looking for 100% principal protection, you can opt for fixed indexed annuities. In this case, your benefits have a cap and the growth might be reduced in comparison to the actual market gains the index achieves. However, for retirement income, as with variable annuities, fixed indexed annuities may also be bundled with optional lifetime income benefits.*

Income Annuities

This type of annuities do not have any accumulation phase and have a direct beginning at the distribution phase. When buying this type of annuity, you can choose from different income options in exchange for the payment of premium.

Things to Consider Before Annuity Investing

  • Be clear about your objectives, time horizon and risk tolerance

  • Study the types of annuities thoroughly and then choose the one that matches your needs


* Indexed annuities are not a direct stock market investment. It is not possible to directly invest in an index.


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